Life Coaching

Why choose Life Coaching?

Are you worried about talking to your ’employer’ or ‘GP’ about how you are feeling, thinking or behaving?

Do you wish you had someone to really listen to you?

Are you worried that people will change what they feel or think about you, if they know you are feeling anxious, fearful or depressed?

Are you worried that someone you care about has changed and no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to connect with them?

I am sure there are many more reasons you might choose a personal life coach; you are welcome to start a conversation with me about yours.

Let’s talk – book a discovery call!

I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation. I find this gives us time to get to know each other a little before you commit to anything.

Let’s get together – book a Discovery Session

I have a lovely consulting room in Derby city centre, there is plenty of space for us to work together in a calm and relaxing environment. Parking is available by arrangement. I offer a flexible appointment system, which can include early evenings and weekends. I am also an early riser so those before work sessions are a real option for you!                                   Discovery Session – 90 minute session for an investment of £115 inc VAT

It is always a good idea to start with a conversation; the sort where you are listened to and where questions are asked about what you want to achieve during life coaching sessions. Our first session will include structured talking therapy and will include some initial ‘quick wins’ such as simple relaxation techniques or perhaps some practical steps towards achieving the life you want to live. You can then decide whether you want to continue with single sessions, or take advantage of a Package Deal. When you invest in working through your issues, there are several stages to explore and I have detailed them below.

Let’s work on this together – Packages

Package 1 – three 90 minute sessions for an investment of £325 inc VAT

Package 2 – six 90 minute sessions for an investment of £640 inc VAT

Package 3 – three 30 minute accountability phone calls £100 inc VAT

Your sessions are likely to include…


Accessing your subconscious mind is often the starting place. We may use TimeLine Therapy at this stage, a technique that allows you to take the wisdom of learning and experience back to a time when perhaps you needed them to make sense of something. Things that are in your past have happened, however, if you look at them with new learning or knowledge you can change the impact they may have on your life going forwards.


We store our learning and experiences in a huge file, imagine a giant database in your head. This stage is all about running a ‘debug’ programme. What are those deep rooted behaviours and beliefs that you currently hold, are they still relevant to you now? Removing them now, will impact on you going forwards. I will mainly be using NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming] techniques at this stage.


We are now able to work together to create some new behaviours, beliefs and strategies more suited to the life you are going to live. So, after uninstalling the ‘corrupt files’ we will install some new ones. These will guide you towards a different outlook on things you used to believe, behaviours you used to have, you will be different. Using NLP and Hypnotherapy will make these much simpler than you can imagine right now.


With a new set of beliefs and behaviours installed, we may need a few new resources and a plan. We will use more NLP such as Circle of Confidence, where you identify some great resources to use on a daily basis; we may look at affirmations and hypnotherapy to gently reinforce these new behaviours and beliefs. We could set some well formed outcomes, taking into account all the other things in your life and how your change may affect them.

Do it

Do it! Yes, this is where you take responsibility for making it happen. Your new life is all about developing new and sustainable habits. I will use a mix of techniques at this stage, including some ‘homework’ for you. It takes around 30 days to develop a habit and there is lots of personal accountability involved. With this in mind, there will be help via hypnotherapy and more affirmations; effectively engaging your subconscious as the extra kick you need. Personally, this worked so well for me!


You are almost there, most of the hard work has been completed, it is all about designing and testing the new beliefs, behaviours and life you now have. Here is where you get to choose more of what works for you during the more traditional life coaching sessions. At this stage we are getting the design right, making final tweaks and packing in lots of hypnotherapy to really drive home those new habits and allow you to realise this is you, your life.


This is all about you living your most authentic life, fulfilling your destiny. This is a two part session, in part 1, we will check that you are good to go. That you are on purpose and have a plan. Then part 2 is diarised for a specific timeframe, it may be 6 weeks, 6 months or even a year ahead. By making it a commitment when you close your programme, you also lay out an expectation on yourself to live as you intend.