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     Julia Burkin      Life Coach Derby  


Since 2006, I have achieved success in supporting clients to improve their lives, relationships and wellbeing.

I specialise in taking referrals from business and career coaches / HR Managers who feel they need a more bespoke, client centred wellbeing coach.

If you work  with me, you will explore, challenge and understand what it is that is directing your choices, together, we will identify what area of your life, if we worked on it,  will benefit  you the most. I will then help you install new behaviours, beliefs and guiding strategies that will help you towards the life you want to live.

I am fully accredited in the following modalities; I bespoke my offer to my clients, according to their needs, and in ways that challenge them at the pace they are willing to work at…

  • Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP]
  • Master Practitioner Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Master Life Coach
  • Practitioner Mindsonar Psychological Profiling
  • Practitioner Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1 & 2 [Tapping]
  • Practitioner Reiki Level 1 [working towards Level 2]
  • Practitioner Matrix Reimprinting [working towards certification]

I’m an accredited senior member of the ACCPH [Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists]. This means that I have completed face to face training, full certification standards met and continued CPD.

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If you want to read more about me – there is more….

My life, my mission, my challenges…

Helping people in my community has always been what my life has been about.
Experiencing the Miner’s strikes as a child, seeing my local town change, people losing their livelihoods and the problems that caused, families breaking up, even suicide. I was 18 and working in the local benefits office when my dad and his fellow mineworkers were all made redundant. A lot to take on, maybe this is where I decided that helping people was a worthwhile life mission.

I have worked in roles where people looked to me for support and advice about benefits, jobs, housing, education, training and volunteering. I also worked with community and resident groups, supporting people to stand up for what they were passionate about, getting listened to, challenging people in authority to get their needs met.

Having said this, I also liked working in the corporate world, as Head of Customer Services, managing 50 or so staff delivering the highest level of customer care in a pressurised construction environment. This is where I discovered I had a liking for competitive tendering, winning multi-million pound contracts and how to achieve performance related pay for myself and my team. I completed my NLP Practitioner course in 2006 whilst in my corporate role – having a competitive advantage was important to keep winning tenders and delivering to challenging targets.

Between 2009-2011,  lots of things happened in my life: I finished working in the construction industry, I experienced severe back pain and paraesthesia;  my dad passed away, one of my children was diagnosed with a serious illness and I suppose I felt that there were lots of bad things happening around me. I had already been through 2 divorces, a couple of car accidents, experienced bullying and had different types of counselling. I don’t like medicating my problems away, so looked for alternatives…

I went back to my life mission and did my the NLP Master Practitioner training,  started managing a small charity community transport organisation. I was back helping people.

In 2016, with my  friend Deana Wildgoose, we created The Hero Project CIC, a community interest company and set about supporting communities to create places they were proud to say they lived in. This company went on to win multiple awards for its community work, especially for its work in designing and delivering tools and techniques to help adults and young people with their thinking. We waged a campaign to stop the negative mind talk so many people seem to have.

I am still a involved with The Hero Project CIC and I am proud of the things it has achieved, long may it continue.