Individual Mindsonar Profile

Mindsonar is NOT A PERSONALITY PROFILE! It delves deep into the meta programs that you use in a specific situation. These change when you think about personal or business issues.

Why might you find this useful? If you are stuck, not getting where you want to be or if whatever you do, you just can’t seem to get on with someone at home or work! You might have a business idea and want to know if you are thinking in ways to make sure it is the right decision for you. You might be leading a team and wonder why some of your employees perform and others struggle.

The programme includes a 30-minute pre-assessment phone call and an email with full instructions based on the phone call outcomes, access to an online assessment which takes approximately 30-40 minutes, a summary of the results emailed to you, a follow up 60-minute coaching session in Derby or via an online video link.

This is completed by a 30-page report with a summary of options from the coaching session sent directly to you by email.

Team Mindsonar Profile

This service consists of a conversation about what you are hoping to discover about your team. This can be over the phone or face to face.  From there I can provide you with a bespoke offer, based on the number of people you wish to profile and the amount of post profile support I offer to your team.

The Team will be briefed about the Mindsonar Profile, usually a short team meeting is suffice. I can do this face to face or provide a PowerPoint presentation for you to use.

Each team member to be profiled will receive an email with full instructions, the context that they are being asked to think about during the profile, a link to  access to an online assessment which takes approximately 30-40 minutes.

Once submitted I will produce each team member a short summary of their results and a team profile based on your needs. I will share these with you, before sharing with your team. I will offer your a 90 minute evaluation session at this point.

Only fully qualified Mindsonar Practitioners can offer these services. Check me out here